All of the classes that are assigned to you are listed on one screen. The only drop down option left is to choose the term, which will change the classes you see listed for you.

NEW - access to the new multi course book management dashboard.

Our interface provides an easy process to enter your textbooks and other class materials needed for your class. Once you determine what materials are needed for your class, you simply click on the class (in gray) and then click the corresponding button for your information. Let's go over each button in the next section.


Add Item (Green button)

This is the most likely place you will go when you first pull up a class. This is where you will enter your item information for your course. You will need the ISBN, EAN, UPC or SKU that the students will reference. Please note this is different than a teacher’s edition ISBN. Enter the ISBN and answer the questions. Once you are done, you click the Save button at the bottom. If the information you entered is accepted, you will get a pop up saying you have successfully submitted your adoption. If there was an error, the system will show you what information needs to be corrected.

If enabled by your school, there will also be a place to request information on how to get an Instructor’s Copy of your requested text from the publisher. A representative from the bookstore will contact you directly with that information once your adoption is processed.

Custom Items/Custom Course Materials

If the book you are adopting is a book specifically created for your school and/or class, then it is considered a custom book. As a general rule, you should have an ISBN, EAN, UPC or SKU from the publishing rep that helped you create the book. Marking yes to this question will cause a pop up when you click the Save button. You will need to enter the information you have about the book in this pop-up box (Title, author, publisher, etc.)

Search for Products

Don't know the ISBN, EAN, UPC or SKU for the item you want to add to the course? Use the Search For Books feature to help find the right book by title, author, publisher, etc. The search results are searchable, sortable, and easy to navigate just like other areas of Faculty Portal. When you find the book, click the green plus icon to complete the next steps and the book will be added to the course.

Show Course Information

If you click the "Course Information" tab at the top, you will see the details of the current class. If you have an updated enrollment number, you will need to go here and enter that number.

Show Current Items

This tab will show you the books and non-text items that are currently adopted for your class. You can remove them, or edit them if you need to make a change.

Copy Items to Another Section

One of the most requested features has finally become a reality! If you have multiple classes and are using the same book(s) for them, you can open the "Copy" tab to quickly copy any current book or non-text item to any of your other classes.

Import to Current from Past Adoptoins

If you are using the same book(s) as you have used in the past, simply open the "Import" tab to copy that past information to the current class.

View Items (Blue button)

These buttons will allow you to see what has been submitted for your class. If you want to make a change, you can click the Edit button and resubmit the adoption with changes. If you want to remove a book, simply click the Remove button. This works the same for non-textbook submissions when you click on View Items.

View Changes (Orange button)

This button allows you to see what changes have been made to the class, along with time and date stamps.

Search bar

The search bar has been completely reworked to allow for easier and more successful searches of your classes. In the search box, you can enter any of the criteria for the class and the system will return close results for the term that is chosen. This will be very beneficial to professors that teach a lot of classes, as well as department heads who need to find a class quickly. Please note that the search will only yield results for the term that is selected!

Add/View Pending Classes

Add a class that our system does not recognize.

If you have been assigned a class, and know what books and/or items you want to adopt for the class, you can enter that information before the class is uploaded to Just scroll to the bottom of the main page and click this button. There are two steps to this process:

Step 1: Create the class

Using the form given, please input as much information about the class as possible and click the Submit button.

After you create the class, it will show up under Current Pending Classes, and you are ready for Step 2.

Step 2: Add your textbook and non-textbook information

When you click on the class, you will see all of the information you just entered. Scroll down to the very bottom and click the corresponding buttons to add textbook and non-textbook items to the class information screen.

Once this information is confirmed with the school department that approves course files, your classes will be listed on your home screen.


To better keep track of your adoptions, whether you are a professor or department head, Faculty Portal has built in reports to help you make sure your books and courses are managed effectively. The reports section is accessible through the dropdown on the menu bar.

Customer Support

We understand that there will always be questions, and we want to be available to help you. The new Faculty Portal has convenient ways to contact us for help.

Email at the top

At the top of every page, you will see the link to Email your bookstore. Click the link, fill out the form, and your email is automatically sent. It will be answered by a representative of our company as quickly as possible.

Change password?

If you need to change your password, you can by clicking your username on the top right and selecting "Change Password" from the dropdown menu. This feature may not be available for schools that use their internal authentication systems (such as Google OAuth).

Forgot password?

If you forgot your password, you can request a reset on the login page. This feature may not be available for schools that use their internal authentication systems (such as Google OAuth).

Dashboard | Add Books -> Courses

This purpose of this dashboard is to provide multi course book management.

On the left is the book lookup. On the right is the list of your courses for the current term.

Clicking on the plus sign beside a course expands to provide details about the course, including, current books and items. You may update the course's present enrollment and whether any textbook is required. Clicking the minus sign beside a book or item will remove it.

Typing in the search box will bring up a list of matching books. Click on the books you desire to add to all selected courses. Books and courses are selected by clicking on their displayed data.

To add books to courses click on the button ADD BOOKS.

An alert will display informing you of success or any problems. You can expand the course to see the results of the action.

In a similar manner, after selecting the desired courses, you can add a non-textbook item or a custom book.

All books are added with the book options set in the DEFAULT BOOK OPTIONS screen prior to clicking the ADD BOOKS button. If you need to change these options afterward, you will need to use the traditional management screens.

Courses cannot be added and/or deleted in this dashboard.